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Recipe Name : Jordanian mansaf
Recipe Type : Main Course
Recipe Cuisine : Other
Ingredients : 2 kg mutton
1 kg yogurt
2 pieces solid yogurt
Salt as needed
1 glass toasted pine and almond
4 thinned bread slices
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon saffron
Directions : • Soak the solid yogurt overnight and drain in the morning.
• Wisp the solid yogurt in the blender until it becomes smoth.
• Sift in a fine colander to get rid of small particles.
• Wisp the yogurt and add to the solid yogurt then place in a bowl.
• Wash the meat and add to the yogurt then stir over medium heat until it bowels.
• Turn the heat to low and leave for about an hour.
• Peel the almond and roast with the pine in fat.
• Wash the rice and cook with 6 glasses water until it boils then turn the heat to low and leave for 25 minutes with tossing to prevent aggregation.
• Lay the thinned bread in the tray and place the rice over the bread followed by the stock and yogurt.
• Lay the meat over the rice and garnish with pine, almond, and parsley.
• Serve the yogurt in a deep bowl as a side course.
Preparation Time : 60
Serving (No. of persons) : 5

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